The Beauty of Locally Grown, Sustainable Flowers for Weddings & Events

The Beauty of Locally Grown, Sustainable Flowers for Weddings & Events

When it comes to planning a wedding or special event, the beauty of flowers cannot be overstated. Flowers evoke emotions and are the focal of design for for brides and planners alike. Sustainable, locally grown flowers are not only beautiful but also offer a myriad of benefits for both the environment and our communities.

At a recent open house event at Heritage Hill in Green Bay, Archer & Bliss Floral designed a bouquet that featured over 80% sustainable flowers and we proudly shared that fact with the customers that visited our booth.

What does a bouquet of sustainable flowers look like? 

I mean, pretty amazing - right?! Since the open house was in mid June, we utilized the flowers that were available from our farm, as well as other local growers. Here are the flowers we featured:

  • Peony, White
  • Lavender, French
  • Ninebark Pods
  • Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar
  • Allium, Christophii
  • Larkspur, White Cloud
  • Lady’s Mantle, White
  • Eulalia Grass
  • Silene

The stems we added from our wholesaler included Grevillea greenery and the Spray Rose, Be Loyal. 

Why do we love sustainable flowers?

I've worked in the floral industry for several years and always wondered why florists don't use more local flowers. After working on a flower farm, I couldn't believe all the beautiful flowers that can be grown in Wisconsin. When we weigh the options between sustainable flowers and internationally grown flowers - one key aspect to consider is the carbon footprint associated with the flowers we select. Many flowers found in traditional arrangements are imported from countries in South America. I mean, South America is the perfect place to grow flowers since they are close to the equator, have a lot of sunshine, and consistent climate - but the carbon emissions generated from transporting these flowers thousands of miles away are substantial. 

On the other hand, choosing locally grown flowers greatly reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. By sourcing flowers from local flower farms, you are supporting and investing in our local economy (while also cutting down on emissions from transportation - win win!) This reduction in carbon emissions helps create healthier environment and reduce climate change.

It's good to know that choosing locally grown flowers for your wedding or special event also fosters a sense of community and ethical responsibility. Many local flower farms prioritize sustainable growing practices, such as organic cultivation and minimizing the use of pesticides. By supporting these farms, we are contributing to the promotion of ethical and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Moreover, the use of locally grown flowers strengthens local communities by providing job opportunities and boosting the local economy. This creates a more sustainable and resilient community, supporting the livelihoods of those who work in the floral industry.

If you are planning a wedding or special event in the future, I highly encourage you to consider sourcing locally grown flowers. The decision to use sustainable, locally grown flowers goes beyond aesthetics. It has far-reaching benefits for the environment, local communities, and ethical flower farming practices. By making this choice, you will celebrate the beauty of nature in a way that is both responsible and impactful (big YAY!)

So, as you plan your next event, consider the potential of locally grown flowers to not only decorate for the occasion, but also make a positive difference for the world around us.

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