Archer & Bliss Floral: Featured in the Market Messenger

Archer & Bliss Floral: Featured in the Market Messenger

Did you read the latest copy of Shawano's Market Messenger? Archer & Bliss Floral was highlighted in the Local Focus as Shawano's newest farmer florist! As a new member of the community, having the opportunity to interview with the Market Messenger was exciting. Our little farm just started and we are full of ideas and potential to share the sustainable flower movement.

During the interview, I was asked several questions about my background, mission, and why I started this business. I've loved flowers since I was little and have worked in the bridal and floral industry for several years. After moving to Shawano and thinking about our new home on 8 acres of land, my first thought was "what are my gardens going to look like?" With my experience working on a flower farm, I wanted to capitalize on my slight addiction to plants and flowers to sell my blooms wholesale, as well as create beautiful designs for wedding and special event customers. 

The first year of a farm is the hardest. Why? Because you are establishing your plants, working through trial and error of what works and making changes for the future, as well as being extremely patient with yourself. Nothing is going to be perfect; but you can always strive to learn and grow for the future. 

What is in store for Archer & Bliss Floral for the future?

  • I am testing a variety of flowers and greenery this year in hopes to narrow down our offerings for the future. Of course, it's not possible for us to grow EVERYTHING (although that would be awesome....personal opinion.) I want to focus on what we grow well in our soil and climate, and partner with other flower farmers to supplement our blooms and greenery.
  • We are receiving truckloads of perennial plants which are being planted in our upper and lower fields. Perennials take time to establish, so we don't cut on them for a few years. Patience is key.
  • What perennials are we planting? With our first delivery, I've planted various colors of salvia, yarrow, daisies, phlox, sedum, decorative grasses, delphinium, larkspur, foxgloves, lavender, hollyhocks, peonies, dianthus (carnations), astilbe, hellebore, ferns, astrantia, and more. 
  • We continue to have great consultations with our wedding and special event customers.
  • Building our business subscription services throughout the Shawano area.
  • Establishing relationships with local florists who wish to incorporate more sustainable blooms in their arrangements. 

One final note, our farm is our home and is not open to the public. If you are interested in a private tour, would like to learn more about our business, or are interested in working with us - I encourage you to complete our contact form on our website so we can connect!

Again, thank you to the Shawano community for being receptive, welcoming, and supportive of our business. We look forward to sharing our flowers with you for years to come!


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